Cutting Up The Sun reviewed at Vital Weekly

Cutting Up The Sun received a very favorable review by Frans De Waard over at Vital Weekly.  Check it out:


“ELIAN – CUTTING UP THE SUN (CDR by The Long Story Recording Company)
Michael Duane Ferrell is Elian and as such he has been recording music since eight years; we reviewed some of his previous work. Back then I called it ‘ambient industrial’ and that’s perhaps something I still stand by. Actually we might even say more industrial than ambient perhaps, as much of what he does is with considerable force; it’s forceful but it’s never really noise based, as in harsh noise. It has that fine sense of atmospherically music through lengthy sustaining fields of sound but it comes with mechanizations of machines. I am not sure but I don’t think Elian uses any field recordings but it’s mostly, or perhaps even exclusively, in the electronic domain. Hard to say if he uses a bunch of analogue synthesizers or perhaps any sort of digital ones, but Elian produces some excellent music, both in terms of composition as well as the sound quality of his music. It works really well on the dynamic level, with lots of great low-end bass sound and sharp, intense sounds in the higher regions. But then, just as well, things can also be quiet and introvert, such as in ‘Corona’, but that seems to be a rarity here. Most of these pieces have a more collage like aspect, of various elements stuck together and make angular, abstract, strange and sometimes scary music. This is the kind of noise that I like very much: it’s well thought out, it moves along very dynamic ranges – high, mid and low – and has some very intense music. Excellent release. (FdW)”


About elianmusic

Elian is the creative moniker for the music of Michael Duane Ferrell. His work is mostly electronic, with a concentration on the art of sound. He lives in Richmond, VA (U.S.A.). His music has been released by Home Normal, The Long Story Recording Company, Richmond Tape Club, Rural Colours, Twisted Tree Line and many more.
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