Review of ‘Harrowgate’ at Textura

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There’s a nice feature on four of the new Home Normal releases (‘Harrowgate‘ included) over at Textura.  In addition, Harrowgate receives an honourable mention for album of the month.  You can check out all of the album reviews here.  Here’s what they have to say about Harrowgate:

“Compared to Ruebke, Elian’s Harrowgate locates itself within an altogether different universe. Five years on from his previous Home Normal release, Whispers, Then Silence, Michael Duane Ferrell returns with another bold foray into the Elian galaxy, this one a five-part, forty-five-minute plunge into deep space. Heavily synthetic and electronic in character, Harrowgate is many things: multi-dimensional, chilly, severe, mystical, and even, yes, harrowing. Waves of synthetic sounds ebb and flow whilst percussive noises of indeterminate origin punctuate the streaming flow with their alien presence. During “Harrowgate 2” (the first of two ten-minute-plus tracks), scabrous textures ripple across a droning, organ-like base until the pulsations swell into convulsive throbs and an ominously threatening wail. Some form of supraterrestrial derangement sets in during “Harrowgate 3,” and the listener experiences an even greater degree of disorientation as he/she gets drawn ever more helplessly into the vortex. But perhaps the fullest plunge occurs within “Harrowgate 5,” which writhes, shudders, and screeches for sixteen unsettling minutes like some distant galaxy slowly dying out. I resist describing Harrowgate as an ideal imaginary soundtrack to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, simply because the film’s cited so often in such manner it’s become a tired cliche. Yet there’s no denying Harrowgate would at times make a perfect match for the film’s deep space sequences, especially in those sequences when Elian’s music is at its most barren and inhuman.”


About elianmusic

Elian is the creative moniker for the music of Michael Duane Ferrell. His work is mostly electronic, with a concentration on the art of sound. He lives in Richmond, VA (U.S.A.). His music has been released by Home Normal, The Long Story Recording Company, Richmond Tape Club, Rural Colours, Twisted Tree Line and many more.
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