Harrowgate soon to be released on Home Normal!

Well boys and girls, my follow up album on Home Normal is set to be released! It will be available in Japan on 1/16/15 & worldwide 1/23/15. It’s titled ‘Harrowgate’ and was mastered by James Plotkin. The CD is limited to 500 copies and is printed on locally cultivated and harvested washi stock including unique vintage slide and photograph. The cover photograph was taken by the always fantastic Peter Nejedly.

I’m very excited this one is seeing the light of day and I’m proud to have Ian Hawgood and the Home Normal crew behind it. I’ll continue to promote this as it starts to have more of a presence online. But for now, if anyone is interested in reviewing it, please contact me here or at duaneferrell@yahoo.com.  I have the press package and would be delighted to share it for a review. Thanks for your support!


About elianmusic

Elian is the creative moniker for the music of Michael Duane Ferrell. His work is mostly electronic, with a concentration on the art of sound. He lives in Richmond, VA (U.S.A.). His music has been released by Home Normal, The Long Story Recording Company, Richmond Tape Club, Rural Colours, Twisted Tree Line and many more.
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